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Red Plastic Tree in Shinjuku

Shinjuku Bicycle

Hachioji Game Centre - 1-57pm Posted by Picasa

In the latest of many variation, I bring you the Wine Kit Kat!
This unusual limited edition confectionary is part of the 'Chocolatier' range of Kit Kats with also includes a 'dark' chocolate option.

Rear of Carton Posted by Picasa
There is a detailed explaination of the subtle flavour and a picture of the creator chef in his natural 'chocolate' kitchen environment. A picture goes into more detail of the specific layers and flavour found within the confectionary goodness.

Eat me! Posted by Picasa

Individually wrapped packages Posted by Picasa
Unlike Aussie kitkats which I remember being wrapped in a single layer of foil and paper. These miniture liquer ones are 'fun' size and individually wrapped.

Mauve Finger of KitKat Posted by Picasa

This is the latest brew from ol' mate Suntory. They've teamed up with Bonne Biere of Champange France and borrowed a bit of their premium barley. This has produced a thin, yet quite hoppy tasting beer. This new beer forms part of the new Autumn line of beers. At 5.5% it's a decent strength. Next, I want to get into some of the new Sapporo winter brews.

So I went to UFJ bank this morning to get money out of my account with passbook and 3 forms of I.D. and they tell me I have to go to Umeda branch which is in Osaka!

Hang just let me withdraw money 2 days ago with my signature and secret number, what's changed. "It's a rule and we made a mistake then" WTF !! So even though it's possible to give me the money and I've provided multiple forms of ID they still want me to fly/train 500km to Osaka, because they made a mistake.

Great - I have no money for 2 weeks...thanks SUCK!

Well I just got a call from Mitaka Police station and it seems my ATM card/s were handed in.
I haven't been to Mitaka recently, so it's all a little suspicious. Anyway...they gave me a 'case' number and I have to go claim them. I applied for new cards, so the old ones are useless anyway.

I thought about waiting for them to turn up, could've saved a bit of cash and time...not to worry.

Today I went to Nihonbashi to replace my bankcards...god only knows where I left them. They cost me 1000 yen each to get replaced and about 45 mins talking to the teller.

My signature was also wrong, but I caught a glimpse of the monitor and copied the correct signature. They also changed my address, which apparently was in Shinjuku somewhere. Very strange, considering the mail still comes to my Kokubunji address.

Also tried to register a hanko...(stamp) but they said it would take another 2 weeks after my card is replaced.

Pic 1. Bank
Pic. 2 Nihombashi Subway station
Pic.3 Me in the security mirror

Maple Syrup Kit Kat Posted by Picasa
This is the lastest KitKat on the shelf in most Japanese stores. It's white chocolate, flavoured with Canadian maple syrup. For me it's the best tasting one yet. Green tea, bean, coffee and passionfruit Kitkat's are inferior to this baby.

Twin Packs inside the box (notice the maple leaf!) Posted by Picasa

Half eaten finger... Posted by Picasa

Coredo Shopping Centre - Nihonbashi 11-23am Posted by Picasa

The A-Team hits Kokubunji!!

Traffic controllers were EVERYWHERE in Shibuya the other night!

Firstly, sorry about the huuuuuge lack of posts recently. Recently I had some problems with blogger and posting photos was troublesome, plus I haven't been taking photos frequently.

I'm gonna try to post 3 times a week from now on. Wish me luck. If anyone has any requests or subject ideas for photos let me know and I'll make a mission out of it. Gimme a theme and I'll see what I can do with it.

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