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New KitKat i-Stick

I found this new KITKAT in the freezer section of my local convenience store and bought it! The idea of KITKAT icecream was really appealing.

Twin Bars in Foil

Similar packaging to the regualar KITKAT. i-Stick is written in 'ice', to appeal to customers during the sweltering summer months.

Frozen rich choc KITKAT!
The chocolate isn't icecream but really rich dark chocolate. This is a little disspointing considering the package says Ice Stick and it's sold in the freezer section.
It's a little too sweet for me and being dark chocolate, it's quite bitter.

Umbrella holder!
Umbrella, parking ticket and compass.

Super-Equipped Bike
This bike has multiple carry satchels and umbrella holder and if you look closely on the other pic...a compass!

Umbrella-toting rider with gloves!
This lady was riding in full sunshine with gloves and an umbrella. She's prepared for anything!

Well, thanks to Yuki for the first photo suggestion! - Umbrellas or 傘 'kasa' in Japanese. I took one photo today and will try post a collage of 'kasa' so long as this rain persists.

While looking for a sofa on Sunday, I also snapped these sad looking street cones or 'witches hats'.

Sorry for the lack of posts recently, but Japan is in the middle of a really long rainy season and I haven't been motivated to take pictures :(

So, in order to make this website more interactive, I'd like you to send me an email. Please make a suggestion about what I should take a photo of next!! What would you like to see? This is your chance to dictate the future photographic direction of this blog (a little ;)).

Karate Tournament in Tama

Head Kick!

Ready, Set, FIGHT!

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