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KitKat - Takagi Posted by Hello
The latest KitKat incarnation in Japan is the 'takagi'. Its just like a regular KitKat, except that the wafer is infused with a sweet passionfruit cream. This follows on from the limited edition 'Green-Tea' Kit Kat a few months ago.

Political Statement in Shimokitazawa !! Posted by Hello

I took a photo of this graffiti, this morning outside ECC Shimokitazawa. It's unusual to see graff in Japan, let alone graff with a message!! Fight the power - F%#K (the) system! - Peace 2005!

Fresh Graffiti Posted by Hello

TokyoDome Amusement Park - 20-1-2005, 4-38pm Posted by Hello

26th Floor NEC - 向河原 (Mukaigawara) Posted by Hello

I took this picture from the window of my part-time NEC job. In the distance is Yokohama, a little difficult to make out in the smog.

Dominos Royal Quartet Pizza Posted by Hello

¥2100 Yen - Yikes!! でも 超ウマイ!!

Aki - Artist, student and noodle chef! Posted by Hello
This is my friend, Aki. He used to be a student of mine in Australia. Armed with an invitation I decided to make the trek and see his exhibition.

It was held in Tsudanuma, Chiba. All sketches are pencil and watercolour. Some examples follow below...

Sketch 2 Posted by Hello

Pencil Sketch Posted by Hello

Vodafone v602SH by SHARP Posted by Hello
This is my new cellphone. It has an xvga screen and 2 megapixel camera. It also takes video and plays mp3's. The email address for the phone is . Below, are photos showing how the screen flips around and transforms the phone into a digicam.

Transformers... Posted by Hello

It's a digicam! Posted by Hello

vitamin DRINK - C1000 Posted by Hello
From the makers of 'C-lemon 1000. This refreshing 370ml can contains a low-carbonated energy/vitamin drink. Really nice...and tastes better than it looks. The liquid itself is a pale lime colour. Obtained from NEC drink machine in Mukaigawara, Tokyo.

Holy Water Posted by Hello
This is at Kichijoji temple at New years day. Notice the lady DRINKING the water that everyone else is washing their hands with.

Kichijoji Temple - New Years Posted by Hello
The pieces of paper are peoples 'fortunes'. After reading...they are tied to a tree branch for good luck.

The King and Queen of Disneyland Posted by Hello

Chillin' with Wolfie Posted by Hello

Sunset from the treehouse Posted by Hello

View from Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse Posted by Hello

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Crab-roe Pasta also at Tachikawa Posted by Hello

Carbonara and Chicken mushroom Posted by Hello
Yesterday had these pasta dishes at Takashimaya restaurant floor in Tachikawa. There are numerous tables and also bar seating, where you can watch the chefs prepare the pasta.

It's snowing in Kokubunji!! My Doorstep. Posted by Hello

Tachikawa Okama Bar Posted by Hello

We went to an awesome drag queen show called 'Amon'. This 'guy' was the most attractive!

Tama Sunshine Posted by Hello
This photo was taken at Tama Center. In the background you can see the support structure of the monorail terminal.

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