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I bought this magazine from a homeless man on the street. 'The Big Issue' is sold around the world by homeless people, who receive $1.50 from each copy to support themselves.

The articles are interesting and the advertising is kept to a minimum. Highly recommended!

This was THE first cheeseburger produced by Hungry Jacks in Brisbane Central today. Purchased at 8.25am, at least I knew it was fresh.

I hate it when I don't eat enough breakfast!

This HJ's has an unlimited drink refill policy, which means I can take my cup back and fill up at morning tea, lunch and after class. :)(

This was a combination of Indian Curries from Mughal Palace in Mt Gravatt. Lamb Korma and butter chicken with papadum. The sauce was rich, thick and flavoursome. The meat was tender and had no fatty bits.

G'day, this is Giraffe in Motion(c), currently coming from Brisbane, Australia.

The idea of this weblog is to show local food and activities I could be bothered to capture on digicam.

I'm Limo, welcome and enjoy the blog :)(

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