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Luckily the supermarket is fine! Posted by Hello
This is the 'OK' supermarket that is closest to our apartment. It's not bad...but the building resembles an 80's style Pizza Hut. It's quite a large building and there is some graffiti on the walls outside.

3knkn Krew Posted by Hello
Im trying to capture all the graffiti and tags in my part of Tokyo. This tag features a face made up of an 'm', a 'p' , a 'U' and a backwards 'F'.

2Steelo Krew Posted by Hello
Ooooh.... the 2Steelo krew!! I have no idea what the bottom section means and I doubt the 'artist' does either. C'mon Kokubunji...where's the REAL peices?!

Sad Toyota Supra Posted by Hello
This neglected Toyota has a few problems. I've been told that it hasn't moved in 3 years. It would be a great restoration job for a Supra lover. You could start with the windscreen.
Unfortunately cars are so cheap here, the poor owner probably couldn't even give it away.

Windscreen Damage Posted by Hello

Barbed Wire Posted by Hello

Power Lines Posted by Hello
This is one of the many views from my apartment. Unfortunately, in this part of Kokubunji, there aren't many trees. However there is a lot of powerlines and cables. We can make it 'art'.

Do you think it's pretty? . . . .below are some more pictures from the apartment.

Electricity components Posted by Hello
This bastard is the most prominent thing in view from our balcony! It looks like a mini nuclear reactor mounted on a pole (over 50 reactors in Japan BTW!). God knows what it does though...I'm sure it's important.

Seats Posted by Hello
My bike is second from the right with the green cable lock. I wanna customise it somehow with some paint and stickers, because most bikes in Tokyo look the same. Grey Shopping bike.

Bicycle Line-up Posted by Hello
This is the view downstairs from our apartment balcony.

Leek Ninjas Posted by Hello
Last night at a random Hanami party in Inokashira Park...a couple of drunk teenagers offered to pose for a photo. They were fighting each other with leeks and another type of vegetable. The girl doesn't know what's going on...

The Budokan! Posted by Hello
This is the Budokan. It's a famous Japanese 'stadium' which recently hosted The Beastie Boys, R.E.M and unfortunately Avril Lavigne. It's located in the grounds of the Royal Palace, a massive area in central Tokyo.

Hanami Party Posted by Hello
These guys are 'staking-out' a good position under some cherry blossom trees. About 3 hours later a group of 50 university students decended on the area and proceeded to eat and drink etc... (The guy in the blue jumper is already really drunk. I'm surprised he can stand!)

Royal Palace Grounds Posted by Hello
The Budokan from another angle. The royal palace is surrounded by a wide moat, which the cherry blossoms hang over.

Row boats Posted by Hello
At Inokashira Park and the Royal palace, it's possible to rent boats and row around looking at sakura or eating lunch or drinking.

Hanami Artist Posted by Hello

Inokashira Park Lake Posted by Hello

Nice spring day! Posted by Hello

Apartment Block Posted by Hello

Western Style Trolley Posted by Hello
This is a typical Aussie shopping trolley. You can fit a lot of stuff in 'em, including a crying toddler. They are rare in Tokyo though. Baskets are the preferred option because people shop more often and buy less each time. One reason is because Japanese apartments are so small there is NO room to put lots of groceries. Even bread comes in a 4 piece loaf to save space.

Trolley Bay Posted by Hello
It's a slow day for the trolley boy at this supermarket. The whole supermarket had 5 trolleys, compared to 3 or400 usually found in Australian supermarkets. You don't actually put anything IN these trolleys, it just holds the basket. So basically you're pushing around a basket on wheels.

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