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I was just reading over DJ mag's Top 100 poll and was surprised at how many of them I've seen! from 1996 to 2006 is about 10 years of clubbing for me...OMG!
Here's a list of some of the DJ's I've seen...
Tiesto :)
Carl Cox :)
Dj Keoki
Andy Whitby
Thrillseekers :)
Blank and Jones :)
Cosmic Gate
Junkie XL
Lisa Lashes
Armin van Helden
Krafty Kuts
Above and Beyond :)
Yoji Biomehanika
Ken Ishii
Josh Wink
2 Many DJs
DJ Sammy
Scot Project
Anne Savage
M.I.K.E (Push)
Fatboy Slim
Timo Maas
Pete Tong
James Holden
Nick Sentience
Christopher Lawrence
DJ Craze
Roger Sanchez
Paul van Dyk :)

They're just the one's from the top 250.

Chemical Brothers
Sharkey-Hixxy-Scott Brown
Crystal Method
Aphex Twin
Tim Deluxe
LTJ Bukem
Ian Pooley
not to mention all the Australian DJ's ...

...many 'interesting' nights.

ECC Party!

Peace Frowny!

Fukushima Krew in da house!

What is happening in this pic?

You gotta lick it...before you sip it! Tsubasa's Cap LOL



Beer and Cellphones are a must.

Should I lick my finger?

Fingers Crossed!

Go Yuki!

Rock Star!

Happy Birthday to Mie and Sally!

Happy Birthday to Mie and Sally!


Azabu Juban International Festival

Random Parade

Lantern = Festival !

Setting Up

Spain Food Stall setting up

Chihuahua carrying festival goer

Anti-terror Security

One of the many food stalls

Live 2 Please

Angry Sad Balloon Animal Making Clown

Awe Yeah

MJ Vibe

Awesome Koala

Kangaroos lazing around

Tired Kanga!

Friendly Kangaroos

The Australian Wildlife Experience @ Dreamworld

Sleepy Kangaroos

The Dreamworld wildlife experience has a lot more animals than I remember last time I went. These crocadiles were HUGE and must've been 7 metres long! There were tired and didn't move much. Because the weather was cool, they couldn't conduct a feeding session. Apparently they only feed them when it's above 25 degrees.

We could touch the baby crocadiles though...they feel like a lizard!

Koala and Baby

The FlowRider Machine

The FlowRider is an artificial wave machine, which can be used for surfing or body boarding.
There were quite a few people using it...even in winter! It looked fun and I wished I'd brought swimmers.

I'm breakin' OUT!!


Waverider Girl


Giant Prawn

Im in Australia!! It's cool but not too cold.
Looking forward to catching up with everyone!

Here are some random pics...


My cousin, Lara.


Riverbank Lights on the Brisbane river.

This is the view of the new apartment we'll move into at the end of August. It's bigger, closer to the station, newer, higher, more secure and more expensive.
It's called Chiyozuru Building, but I've named it 'Cheer-of-zulu'...let's get tribal!!

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