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Kirin - Honey Brown Beer Posted by Hello
The latest beer offered by Kirin is 'Honey Brown'. It's a refreshing golden lager with a hint of honey sweetness. It's VERY easy to drink and would make a nice starter drink for a party...especially now that summer is upon us.

Brewed to relax, with a kiss of honey. Posted by Hello
The beer has a 5% alcohol content, which is pretty standard for beers in Japan. Part of the can design includes a painting of a dragon, an insect and a piece of wheat or barley. Luckily this beer is brewed to relax which is just as well, because I really needed to chill out after work. Overall a nice addition to the Kirin range of summer beverages.

Ujikinntoki - Green tea and Anko! Posted by Hello
KitKat's latest flavour on the confectionary scene is green tea and anko (traditional Japanese sweet). Firstly, it's a big improvement on the basic green tea version. The anko component is a definate plus...though I can't stand anko in other desserts like taiyaki :(

Individually wrapped fingers! Posted by Hello

Green Kit Kat finger Posted by Hello

Welcome to Kamakura Posted by Hello

Funky Baby Statue Posted by Hello

Red Leaves Posted by Hello

Buddha Statue Posted by Hello

Big Buddha Posted by Hello

Close Up of Buddha Posted by Hello

Pachinko Parlour - Shinjuku 1-35pm Posted by Hello

EC-02 - Yamaha Electric Bike Display - Takashimaya Department Store @ Shinjuku Posted by Hello

Bike and Guitar Posted by Hello

50,000 Yen Price Tag - A$610 Posted by Hello

Electric Commuter Posted by Hello

Raindrops in Kokubunji Posted by Hello

Machida Manhole Posted by Hello

"Humanism" Supporters Posted by Hello

Machida, Tokyo - 11.15am Posted by Hello

And here's a photoshop version I like to call 'Dali-Cycle'...

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