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Su.No.Mo. Cylindrical Orange drink Posted by Hello
After riding the Toyota display car at Odaiba, we were given a prize. One cylinder of Sunomo orange juice. It's a round 'tetra-pack' design and contains about 180mls of juice. The unique design is one of many things on display at the Toyota design centre, Odaiba.

Rear of drink (with straw) Posted by Hello

Tokyo Park Hotel - Shiodome Posted by Hello
We thought about staying at Tokyo Park Hotel in Shiodome and did. It's located near the headquarters of Nippon TV and Shiseido (beauty products). This transparent purple sign kicks visual ass.

Shiodome Buildings Posted by Hello

Shiodome Posted by Hello
The skyscrapers in this precinct are really awesome. This particular one had a massive 'side-support', I'm guessing its to hold it up during earthquakes.

Street Performer and Kid Posted by Hello
At the Shiodome complex all this week, is a French theme. Part of the theme included this 'French-style' street performer. The little kid watching, started to taunt the performer and became part of the act to everyones amusement.

Park Hotel Room Posted by Hello

Day view Posted by Hello

Nightview Posted by Hello
This is the view at night.

Image hosted by
I deceided to zoom in at the building across from our room and I discovered a boardroom meeting in progress. Don't they have something better to do at 8-00pm on a Sunday night??

(Notice the reflection of Tokyo Tower in the building glass!! Complete accident.)

Statue of Liberty Posted by Hello
No, I didn't go to New York. This was taken at Odaiba in Tokyo. It a replica about 1/5th the size.

Soccer Dog Posted by Hello
Odaiba on weekends seems to be a place to show off dogs. Japanese love dressing their dogs in clothing. This golden-retriever is getting ready to substitute striker 'Nakata' on the national soccer team.

The Place ! Posted by Hello
After 10 months of solid searching, I finally found the place police men patrol. Now we just have to find the place criminals frequent and organise a meet-up!!

Vestax Turntable Posted by Hello
I thought this turntable was a little different. Ginza Bic Camera has a set of CDJ 1000 decks and you can 'scratch' CD's 'till ya wrists cramp. Highly recommended, and it should hold your interest for at least 5 minutes.

Brisbane Represent Posted by Hello
Lately I've noticed a lot of BNE stickers around Tokyo. FYI 'BNE' is the city code for Brisbane, my hometown. It's also street slang for break 'n' enter. Unfortunately I don't know what the Japanese version means.

Taxi Rank Posted by Hello
A common sight at Hachioji station is a fully packed taxi-rank. Taxi's are pretty expensive here, so there's no need for drivers to bust a gut trolling for fares...instead, they can spend all day making nice 6x4 vehicle formations!

Georgia canned coffee Posted by Hello
Took this photo during my 10 minute coffee break in Tachikawa. It's a can of Georgia canned coffee balanced precariously on a window, looking down four floor towards the street.

Raver evidence Posted by Hello
On a recent Sunday morning at Hachioji station, I noticed some discarded 'rave' paraphenalia of the legal variety. It seems some poor raver got jaded when his/her glowbands died and so...they ditched them on platform 4, for me to photograph on the way to work.
Being on the Yokohama line...I'm guessing the rave was in Yokohama somewhere....hmmmm.

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