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This morning, I went in search of a local basketball court in Kokubunji. Unfortunately this is the closest thing I could find :( . . . A rusty old ring tired to a wire fence with some string. I feel sorry for the kids who have to play with it.

In the end, I rode an extra 15 minutes to Koganei Park which has 3 nice basketball courts :)

At least it's dunkable! Posted by Hello

Ghetto Ring Posted by Hello

White bloomage Posted by Hello
On the way home from basketball I noticed some of the trees were starting to bloom. Can anyone confirm the species??

Pink blooms Posted by Hello

People enjoying Koganei Park Posted by Hello

Cherry Blossom Path Posted by Hello

Narita Airport Posted by Hello
I think Narita is a pretty sterile and unwelcoming place as far as airports go, however there was a cool area in the departure lounge that let in some natural light ... so I snapped this picture. This is on the way to LANGKAWI, Malaysia !!

Lookout View Posted by Hello
This is from the top of the Langkawi Cable Car, which you can see on the right. It gives the best view of the island and it's really windy too - altitude 500 meters.

Rubber Trees Posted by Hello
These rubber trees are a common sight on Langkawi. If you look carefully, you can see the small bags that collect the sappy product.

Tanjung Rhu Beach Posted by Hello

Under Construction Posted by Hello
This building shell is part of the construction boom on Langkawi. Actually, there is a lot of unfinished building projects and commercial enterprises. It's like the developers just ran out of money or something and stopped. Sometimes homeless people live in the 'semi-shelter'.

Fishing boat Posted by Hello

Angry Cat Posted by Hello
Took this photo on the weekend in Shimokitazawa (always good value). It's an angry cat, and its supposed to act as a detterant to illegal bicycle parking. His claws are out and he looks very threatening... but its not working 'cause I see a bicycle!

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