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HotDog Stand
On the way to the park we munched on a german dog. The beer looked tempting too, but I'm broke and thus didn't partake.

500 Yen Thai Curry @ Thai Tara - Kokubunji
Today started out nicely with a cheap lunch at Thai Tara, a great value, no frills restaurant in Kokubunji, Honcho. On weekdays they throw in coffee as well, for just 500 Yen! I practice my Thai with the old man who runs the place, but he's going deaf and is usually too busy for more than a few words.

Then we went to Inokashira Park in Kichijoji because it was a kick-ass day weather wise.

I offered her 2000 yen. She laughed.

Dog Ok! Inokashira Park
At this cafe, Dog's are allowed service. How do they read the sign though?

Ice Cream city
Today was about 28 degrees and it seemed everyone was eating icecream. Did you know horses like ice cream? Just ask this one.

Relaxing in the Sunshine

Kids in the park

Kids in the park 2

Watching turtles

Respect Royalty!

For Golden Week we stayed at The Andaman - Langkawi, Malaysia.
This place is beautiful and set amidst a 5 million year old rainforest. There is so much animal and plant life, the insects at night are VERY loud, but you get used to it.

It rained sporadically, but the heat was never too intense. I don't remember sweating at all. It was just nice to escape the concrete of Tokyo and chill out for a few days.

The following are random pictures from our stay.

This building still isn't finished! Posted by Picasa
Here is a photo from a year ago when we came (at the same place).

This was a huge duty free shop in Pentai Cenang Posted by Picasa

Daniel Internet!! Posted by Picasa
Even though I found 'Daniel' internet, I thought It'd be best to stay away from the WWW for a few days! I didn't miss the internet, but I did check NBA playoff scores at the hotel business centre.

One of the many Mosques Posted by Picasa

This is one of 2 airports in Langkawi Posted by Picasa

Rika (Proton sales rep stance) was my kind navigator. Posted by Picasa

The Andaman - Malaysia Posted by Picasa
The lobby was THE most amazing I have ever seen in a hotel. The lighting is beautiful and creates a very calm atmosphere as you walk into the hotel. There is very soft Malay instumental music playing, but overall if was very quiet and hardly any staff to be seen. (I think the staff must use a special pathway or just keep a low profile for the comfort of guests.)

Andaman Lobby Posted by Picasa

Column Posted by Picasa

Lobby 'stream' with goldfish Posted by Picasa

Langkawi Airport Posted by Picasa

Old style chair Posted by Picasa

Room Posted by Picasa

Room corner Posted by Picasa

Bed Posted by Picasa

Room Posted by Picasa

Fruit Posted by Picasa

Fruit Bowl Posted by Picasa

Typical Road Posted by Picasa

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