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Machida Crew Posted by Picasa
These are staff and students from Machida school. This time of year is very busy for teachers in Japan, because the official school year draws to a close around now. It's a good excuse to party and enjoy a beverage. Unfortunately, I won't be teaching Senka next year, so good luck everyone. Remember guys, when it comes to speaking in English, "don't think... FEEEEEEL''.

See ya! Posted by Picasa

PipeLight - Kichijoji 25-3-2006 4.48pm Posted by Picasa

Kichijoji Afternoon Sunset Posted by Picasa

Ageha Sunrise Posted by Picasa

Tiesto Live @ Ageha!
On monday a few of us went to see Tiesto at Ageha. It was awesome, and the crowd were super friendly! This is a video to help you imagine the atmosphere. (No animals were harmed in this video, only synapses)

Here is a sunrise shot when we left the Shin-kiba club.

French Bretagne Milk Kit Kat!! Posted by Picasa
I stumbed upon this magnificent chocolate creation today. It's a milk white chocolate KitKat with a recipe based in the Brittany region of France, famous for sweet butter cakes. Im not usually a big fan of 'white' chocolate but this baby has a gorgeous flavour.

Twin 'Le Patissier' Packs Posted by Picasa

Milk Choc Fingers Posted by Picasa
Heavenly. Get it while you can and stockpile.

These are some very pleasant and kind students of mine. Posted by Picasa
After the lesson I was invited to enjoy some beautiful pork and watercress nabe and beer!!!
Thank you so much!

Apple Kit Kat ! ! Posted by Picasa
I was lucky enough to receive a souvenir from Nagano from a kind student of mine. It's apple flavored KitKat. I could never imagine apple and chocolate morphing well. This version is ok though, and the flavouring is weaker than some of the other Kitkats, so you can still enjoy the chocolate. I think Nagano is famous for growing apples. I wonder how many apples went into this sweet.
Thanks Yuriko!

Twin Foil Sealed Packs Posted by Picasa

Regular looking twin bars Posted by Picasa

Museum of Contemporary Art - Tokyo MOT Posted by Picasa

Yesterday, I went to MOT in Kiba, East Tokyo. It was pretty cool and very quiet! Im off to work now, but I'll update and put up pics later tonight. There were some cool artists work including Andy Worhol!!

Waiting Area Posted by Picasa

One of the many water features Posted by Picasa

Main Entrance Posted by Picasa

Missing piece to something important Posted by Picasa

Outside sculpture Posted by Picasa

<- This is what the Andy Worhol paintings looked like.

Art in Progress Posted by Picasa