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Skydiving Easter Bunny! Posted by Hello
My mum sent these photos from an Easter festival in Australia. She organises festivals for the local government, and the skydiving bunny was a kind of promotion.

The bunny has landed. Posted by Hello
Last year, when the bunny landed, kids attacked it for its chocolate eggs!

The kids are running to the Easter Bunny! Posted by Hello

Swarms of children. Posted by Hello
This year, security guards were needed to fend off the egg robbers! But there was just too many the bunny threw the eggs in the air, hoping that they would be shared evenly. It resulted in chaos!

Here they come!! Posted by Hello

Purple flower Posted by Hello

Lone Poppy Posted by Hello

Tree canopy Posted by Hello

School day trip Posted by Hello
A school excursion was visiting Showa Kinen Park during a recent visit. They walk single-file, in a line that stretched about 300 metres!
Notice the white hats. The students are covertly being primed for future 'fashion victim' status!

City Botanic Gardens - Brisbane Posted by Hello
Went home for golden week...and these are pictures of Brisbane City, Gardens and Brisbane River.

Pathway Posted by Hello

Nice Day Posted by Hello

Palm Trees Posted by Hello

St Johns Cathedral and skyscrapers Posted by Hello

Story Bridge Posted by Hello

Riverside Posted by Hello

Bougainvillia Plant Posted by Hello

Brisbane River Posted by Hello

KLIA - Kuala Lumpur International Airport Posted by Hello
On the way to Brisbane I had one night in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, a city I would definately like to spend more time in.

Hotel View - Kuala Lumpur Posted by Hello

Petronis Tower 1 Posted by Hello

Marshmallow Yogurt - Cold Dessert Posted by Hello

Marshmallows in the lid Posted by Hello

Throw in the marshmallows Posted by Hello

Marshmallow yoghurt! Posted by Hello

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