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Cookie Monster (CM) a.k.a 'Party Slut' dropped into Tachikawa school during a recent party and proceded to wreak havoc. he's not Thai! LOL

Bite my eye-ball CM

Cheeky CM

Orangy CM

Good times


Thumbs up!


Left Side
It seats one big person...just. Under that seat is a cavournous space for storing drinks, a helmet, weapons, oil, food, etc

Yamaha 'Remo-con' Jog Z II

This is my true motor sports beast the 50cc Yamaha Remocon Jog ZII!!

It's really zippy and is great for getting around. Journeys under an hour are preferable due to the upright seating position. It beats any car at the lights, as the acceleration is super responsive. It's economical too, as 350 yen fills the tank and parking isn't a problem!

Su '564' Number Plate
In Japanese, this number means killer!! ko-ro-shi!

This scooter is a 2 stroke, which means it has a high power to weight ratio. This is good because I weight about 90 kilograms and my tall stature means there is considerable wind resistance when riding around. Therefore, I need the power! Unfortunately 2-stroke engines don't last as long as 4-strokes. See here for more info.

Odometer, Speedometer and Speed/Oil warning lights.
All the right dials to keep you safe and informed!

This is yet another newly released KitKat from Nestle Japan.

In this particular version, the 5 year anniversary of Universal Studios-Japan is being promoted with a special limited edition and designed variation.
The front design is a starry night dream sequence design with the USJ Logo prominently featured.

As mentioned by Poh Hua Bin (The SixthSeal), the new standard of double individually wrapped packaging can be witnessed again, however in this edition there is some kind of advertisement and internet link provided. (

The main difference in this version is the chocolate press design and color. They have used milk and dark chocolate and incorporated a swirl patten with the outside layer of chocolate. It tastes like a regular KitKat, which was a nice change as I have usually only partaken in the 'special' edition flavour recently.

New 'Annin' Kit Kat (Taken with Sketchy cell-phone)
Well this first of 2 new summer kitkat's isn't so good. Annin is a Chinese dessert with the consistency of jelly, and appearance of coconut, however it tastes like medicine. Yup, specifically kids medicine. I can't recommend this chocolate snack unfortunately. The new adzuki bean kit kat is great though and I'll post pics soon!!

Individually wrapped Bars
As usual the Kit Kat is packaged with 2 twin bars.

Twin bar.
The white chocolate is imprinted with the KitKat logo.

"Container" Sculpture
This cool sculpture is made from 4 orange containers. That values it around $10 000 not including labour.

Yokahama Street Racers

On Sunday, we went to Yokohama to watch the annual dragon-boat races on the Yamashita Park Waterfront. On the way back there were half a dozen street racers showing off their cars on a bridge near Minato Mirai.

Sculpture and Tower
A different angle, with Marine Tower in the background.

Dragonboat Racing - Yamashita Park

Dragonboat Racing

Landmark Tower
I love skyscrapers!! This is Japans tallest.

Great Building

Yokohama Marine Tower

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