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I'm off to Australia for two weeks! If you need to contact me regarding anything, send email to the address at the top of this website.

I'll try and post some photos of Brisbane and Sydney over the next two weeks.

Mystery Box! Posted by Picasa
Looks like a shoe box.

Surprise...It's a package!! Posted by Picasa
This week, I received a surprise package!! It was from the hotel we stayed at in Okinawa.

'Sorry' Letter Posted by Picasa
The letter thanks us for our stay and for the positive comments regarding the hotel. (While in the hotel, I wrote a letter detailing my experience of finding a cockroach in my napkin at one of the restaurants. The food was great though.) They also apologise for the cockroach and offer a gift of tea and cookies as compensation.

Cookies and Tea Posted by Picasa

Letter Posted by Picasa

Tea Set Posted by Picasa
It's Terrace tea, with measuring spoon.

Cookies Posted by Picasa
The cookies weren't too bad and tasted like shortbread. I'll review the tea in good time.
Thanks Busena Terrace, I appreciate the customer survey response gift.

DoCoMo Transmitter Posted by Picasa
This close-up photo clearly shows the DoCoMo logo.

New Suica Vending Machine Posted by Picasa
I spotted this new vending machine on the way to work on Sunday. It's designed to accept regular 'Suica' train passes. Convenience guaranteed!

Hi Tech Vending Posted by Picasa
Notice the 'antenna' like device in the corner. I believe it serves two purposes. One is to communicate needed supplies for the machine in order to replenish it efficiently. The other is to provide a cashless payment option for DoCoMo phone uses, similar to EDY. See here for more info.

Suica Card Payment Option Posted by Picasa

Nago, Okinawa Posted by Picasa

Recently I went to Okinawa for 3 days relaxation and was hoping to get some much needed sun.
Unfortunately the weather was overcast, but it was pretty warm though. Okinawa has city, suburbs and country areas and we stayed at Nago about 90 mins north of the capital, Naha.

Many of the buildings around Naha look really rundown and dilapidated and the salty air ensures any metal gets a rusty burnt look.

Early morning flight Posted by Picasa
We took a morning flight from Haneda, and the new terminal is great. Easy to navigate and very modern looking.

Pokemon Plane Posted by Picasa
We flew Air Pokemon. Captain Pikachu landed the aircraft with precision. ANA don't actually serve food on the flight which sucks. Water, juice and soup are free, but other drinks you have to pay for. Similar to Virgin Blue in Australia.

Wing Seat Posted by Picasa

Busena Terrace - Nago, Okinawa Posted by Picasa
We stayed here - Busena Terrace
It was awesome. Over 300 rooms and I saw only 10 people the entire 3 days.

Fish Room Key Posted by Picasa

Hotel Room Posted by Picasa

Beach View Posted by Picasa

Bathroom View Posted by Picasa

Bathroom Posted by Picasa

Shisa Posted by Picasa

This is common sight in Okinawa, the Shisa. They're everywhere and apparently bring good luck.

Getto Soap - Hard Core! Posted by Picasa

Bathroom Basket Posted by Picasa

Prime Minister Obuchi Posted by Picasa
Our hotel was the site for the 2001 G8 summit for many top political leaders. Obuchi died before the summit and PM Mori took his place. They made a bronze statue in respect of Obuchi, who was the main force in organising the summit.

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