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Coffee + Snack 300 Yen! Posted by Picasa
It was cheap. Everything is a little bit cheaper when you leave Tokyo.

People waiting for coffee Posted by Picasa
My usual motto for this blog is 'a picture says a thousand words', but it's just an excuse because I'm lazy when it comes to typing.

Anyway, the picture about was taken in a serene, hidden cafe in Matsuyama in Shikoku.
The lady doesn't seem to be having the best day. Dunno why though...because this is the most chilled cafe I've been to in ages!

Post Box @ Hidden Cafe Posted by Picasa
The cafe hosted this obscure post box. No idea how old it is...but it has a nice rustic quality ;)

Abandoned Post Box Posted by Picasa

FishBowl Posted by Picasa

Free 'towel' champagne! Posted by Picasa
Amongst other giant cotton-based sculptures, like pop-corn, cake and ice-cream. I wish it was real. It's nice to be surrounded by GIANT things for a change, instead of being the giant.

Towel Museum - Asakura, Shikoku Posted by Picasa

Chinese Machinist Posted by Picasa

Spooling Machines Posted by Picasa

Spooling Machines Posted by Picasa

Hi-Speed Industrial  Posted by Picasa

Towel Fabric Posted by Picasa

Towel Fabric Posted by Picasa

Towel Fabric Posted by Picasa

Glass Brick Wall Posted by Picasa

Spools of Thread Posted by Picasa

Beautiful Crane 3-23pm Shikoku, Japan Posted by Picasa

Cranes Posted by Picasa

I went a bit crazy taking pictures of cranes...but they are just sooo big! To imagine the scale, compare a human to the blue and white container ship (to small to see) then look at the size of the green crane. There were about 20 was surreal.

Giant Cranes Posted by Picasa

Ship Repair District Posted by Picasa

Matsuyama Dock Posted by Picasa

Suspension Bridge - Concrete Posted by Picasa

Seto Bridge Posted by Picasa

Sunset Posted by Picasa

Tunnel Posted by Picasa

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