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Today I went to Tama Zoological Park on my day off. Needed some exercise and I got it. The park is huge and there are heaps of animals to see, including a section just for Australian mammals! The following photos are random shots I took in no particular order.

The park is only 600 yen and pretty close to Tachikawa. Hardly anyone was there today except for a few elementary school groups.

The lion park within the zoo is a highlight and credit to the keepers. The elephants and cheetahs looked bored shitless though.

Grasshopper Droid Posted by Picasa

Peacock Posted by Picasa

Insect waiting room stairs Posted by Picasa

Insect Waiting room Posted by Picasa

African elephant posing  Posted by Picasa

Kirin-san! Posted by Picasa

Koala Posted by Picasa

Lion Pride Posted by Picasa

Lioness Posted by Picasa

Orang-utan Statue Posted by Picasa

Shima-uma  Posted by Picasa

Shuttle Bus Transport Posted by Picasa

Monkeys fighting Posted by Picasa

Unique 'zoo' manhole Posted by Picasa

Butterfly Posted by Picasa

Old beer crates next to a shed. Posted by Picasa

On Saturday night, old mate Elmo dropped into the Tachikawa ECC Party. He was all over the place but went missing by the time we went to karaoke. He's such a rascal! Look forward to seeing him at the next shindig.

Super Happy English Elmo Posted by Picasa

Directional Elmo Posted by Picasa

Hungry Elmo Posted by Picasa

Frowny Elmo Posted by Picasa

Can you see Elmo? He looks hungry!! Posted by Picasa

Cheeky Elmo Posted by Picasa

Peace Emi Elmo Posted by Picasa

Disney Sea was the target destination for Saturdays Japan Foundation Day Holiday!
What better way to spend the day, than in a magical make-believe world. Disney sea works for me with many different 'lands' or zones to maintain interest.

Unfortunately, I forgot to charge my camera battery before going and I only got 10 shots from my digi-cam. are the ones I took.

Faux Historical Buildings Posted by Picasa

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