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Got sick :-(

Have had a really good run health-wise so it's bloody annoying being sick, especially being a casual. I always start reminiscing about Japan this time of year as friends start posting pics of park BBQ's and hanging outdoors in Tokyo. May to October is definitely my favorite time of year in Japan with June-July-August my least favorite in Brisbane. Pretty spoiled though really considering the mild winter here. Just wish some people I know embraced socialising in the park a little more.

This was taken during our trip back to Tokyo in October last year. It was a great time, with some of THE best weather I've experienced in Japan! Just look at that blue sky!

Here are some photos I've taken on my phone recently.

Time to resurrect the giraffe!!

After a three year hiatus Giraffe in Motion is back and now available through

The focus will change slightly now as I'm based in Brisbane. Hopefully my Japanese peeps can see what's happening in Brisbane every now and then.


After reading a friends blog the other day, I realised that after being in Tokyo for a while (4 years) your perspective changes and many strange, funny or unusual things become the norm.

It's for this reason that my blog posts have virtually ceased. Although this was primarily a 'photo-blog', I've been putting photos on Facebook these days, as it's easier, and all in one place.

It seems a shame for a blog to die, but if I can think some new angle for this site, maybe I'll continue posting stuff.

We're going to Hong Kong on Thursday for a short trip. This will be a good chance to take some pictures, eat and bond with the family.

Well, we didn't go to Oiso Prince Hotel due to the typhoon that hit Japan last week.

Unfortunately there was a bad earthquake in Niigata (again) that's caused a bit of damage and ripped apart a nuclear waste facility. This road won't be driven on soon either.

Today I renewed my license at the Fuchu Drivers License Center. Because I had two fines for illegal turns last year, I had to sit through a 2 hour lecture on drink driving and speeding. The whole process took 4 hours of my day off. I've heard people actually have to take a day off from work just to renew their license!

Because I rode to the center with my cap on, the new license photo sucks as I have flat hair and bloodshot eyes.

In other news, I'm going to Kanagawa Oiso Prince Hotel for Japanese Marine day weekend and then to Hong Kong in September.

I'll probably be stuck in Tokyo for summer vacation, so will hit Tokyo Summerland, Beer gardens and Akihabara frequently.

Find me on Facebook and we can beer up together!

I should really post some photos of our recent trip to Shikoku. Before I do that though, let me give you a brief rundown about the island.

Shikoku (四国, Shikoku meaning"four countries" or *death country* LOL) is the smallest and least populous (4,141,955 as of 2005) of the four main islands of Japan). This is a good thing for me, as I also come from one of the least popular land masses, Australia. Getting away from the over-populated metropolis of Tokyo is nice once in a while. Coincidentally, Shikoku is shaped like Australia.
Click here for a map of Shikoku.
Click here for Australia.

Brisbane and Naruto share similar places when overlayed.

Something has happened with Blogger and all my setting , logins and help are in Japanese. Im confused.

I might have to start a new blog or keep mucking around with these settings. Anyone know how to get back to English blogger while surfing in Japan?

Hawaii and LA Pics as promised...

Have you heard of Fuji Safari Park?
It's like a zoo, where you drive your car through the animals habitats.

Pretty cool, but I can't imagine the animals appreciate a constant traffic jam right in the middle of their crib.

I wanted to wind down my window and touch some animals but the rangers are pretty strict and are on the look-out for people getting out of their cars, since a guy was eaten by a bear a few years ago! Here.

There were some good photo ops on the way home as the light was superb :)

We went to Australia for a couple of weeks of Summer!
Here are some photos from the trip.
From the top, Brisbane City buildings, the new art gallery and art, our transport (Suzuki), Woodford folk festival and mum's cat.

Good Afternoon!!

It's time to go to work!

Kokubunji has become a dangerous place, so let's not take any chances.

See you on the train ;)

Ageha Sunrise - 6-02am

Well, it's almost been a month since my last post, possibly marking the laziest point in my 3 year blogging career. Sometimes you need a break from interest so you can become reaquanted and motivated again. I won't promise any more regular posts though sorry.

This week one of my favorite bloggers appartently OD'ed and his blog has gone offline which is a shame. But everyone needs a break from the internet's healthy ;)

Last weekend I went to club Ageha with some friends, students, co-workers and random Australians. It was a blast and a great way to say goodbye to summer. I've never had a bad night at Ageha. I always end up talking to randoms around the pool, soaking up the atmosphere, coz most people are really friendly and chatty there IME.

Now I've gotta figure out how to handle winter again.

Lounge Room Floor and Window
On Monday night after the rain cleared, I noticed a nice light streaming into the loungeroom. As I walked outside, a wicked sunset emerged!

Balcony view on Monday evening

Multi-colour sky

Setting Sun

Shinjuku Stairs ;) 11-53am

Today's gonna be HOT and 95% humidity WTF! That must be pretty close to mist or rain.

Please smack me upside the head and give me the motivation to take some photos.

In this weather I don't feel like doing anything. I can't beleive I'm saying this but I'm kind of looking forward to the cooler weather!

Here a photo a taken of me at a little dance party when I was back in Australia.

The rest of the photos are here. Click on the 'Triggerhappy' Album.

Yesterday, just after I heard about the Steve Irwins death I got ready for work and was heading out the door when my eyes came across this:

It's a Crocodile Hunter toy helicopter I bought in Nakano about 2 years ago. I'd like to collect the whole set now, to remember him.

The Crocodile Hunter, Steve Urwin is dead. :(

An Australian icon, he was killed by a stingray barb while filming a documentary on them.

Australia mourns the loss of this local hero.

Rest in peace Steve.

I was just reading over DJ mag's Top 100 poll and was surprised at how many of them I've seen! from 1996 to 2006 is about 10 years of clubbing for me...OMG!
Here's a list of some of the DJ's I've seen...
Tiesto :)
Carl Cox :)
Dj Keoki
Andy Whitby
Thrillseekers :)
Blank and Jones :)
Cosmic Gate
Junkie XL
Lisa Lashes
Armin van Helden
Krafty Kuts
Above and Beyond :)
Yoji Biomehanika
Ken Ishii
Josh Wink
2 Many DJs
DJ Sammy
Scot Project
Anne Savage
M.I.K.E (Push)
Fatboy Slim
Timo Maas
Pete Tong
James Holden
Nick Sentience
Christopher Lawrence
DJ Craze
Roger Sanchez
Paul van Dyk :)

They're just the one's from the top 250.

Chemical Brothers
Sharkey-Hixxy-Scott Brown
Crystal Method
Aphex Twin
Tim Deluxe
LTJ Bukem
Ian Pooley
not to mention all the Australian DJ's ...

...many 'interesting' nights.

ECC Party!

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