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Chuo Line - Railway Posted by Picasa
I took these photos on my birthday...which was the day after the typoon. You can see BLUE sky, after all the smog was blown away. I wish everyday was like this!

Blue Sky Posted by Picasa

Kiyomizu Temple Posted by Picasa
This is the entrance to a very famous temple in Japan - Kiyomizu Temple in Kyoto.
This was a side trip to Aichi expo. Hot, clean, relaxed, peaceful and foreigner friendly is how I would describe Kyoto. Apparently the best time to go is in Autumn when all the leaves turn red and gold.

Kiyomizu Temple!!

Buddha Dude Posted by Picasa
This is the buddha of wealth and riches...he looks like a fiend.

Kiyomizu Posted by Picasa

Stairs Posted by Picasa

Statue @ Kiyomizu Temple Posted by Picasa

Super Soba Posted by Picasa

Gion - Tea Room Posted by Picasa

Gion Street Bronze Plate Posted by Picasa

Gion - Geisha Central Posted by Picasa

Green Tea Ceremony Posted by Picasa

Kinkakuji Temple - Kyoto Posted by Picasa

The Golden Pavilion - Kyoto Posted by Picasa

Satanic Accommodation - The Devil Suite Posted by Picasa

666 - Number of the Beast Posted by Picasa

Nagoya City Posted by Picasa

Airconditioned Bullet Train waiting room Posted by Picasa

Hitachi Pavillion Posted by Picasa

Gaping Canyon Posted by Picasa

Swiss pavillion staircase Posted by Picasa

Crowds Posted by Picasa

Laser forest! Posted by Picasa

This and the following photos were taken at Aichi Expo, near Nagoya (home of Toyota).

Laser Posted by Picasa
The floor was really springy...and I think it was made of rubber. This would be an AWESOME place for a rave.

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