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Sunrise over Tokyo! Posted by Picasa
The sunrise looked amazing this morning. Actually this was the first sunrise I've seen for a while. Usually I'm sound asleep and our apartment faces west so we only get partial sunsets.
A bigger size pic is here.

Sunrise over Tokyo! Posted by Picasa

Sunrise Posted by Picasa

Keio Line Posted by Picasa

Empty benches Posted by Picasa

Waiting for the train on the Keio Line Posted by Picasa

Bike riding - CHipS Style Posted by Picasa

Cockpit Posted by Picasa

MOCA - Sydney Posted by Picasa

SHB Posted by Picasa

Museum of Contempory Art Posted by Picasa

Sydney Opera House Posted by Picasa

Sydney Harbour Bridge Posted by Picasa

The following photos are of meals we had at Mt Mee, about an hour from Brisbane.
The service and food were excellent, unlike some other
places we visited in Brisbane.

Calimari Posted by Picasa

Deep fried Mushrooms Posted by Picasa

Chicken and Asparagus Posted by Picasa

Eagle St Pier Complex Posted by Picasa
Dad's wedding reception will be around here somewhere...hmmm Nice.

Ibis - Common Scavenger bird Posted by Picasa

Mum's cat Posted by Picasa

South Bank - Arbor Walkway Posted by Picasa

City Cat - River Transport Posted by Picasa

Buildings Posted by Picasa

River and Skyscrapers Posted by Picasa

Brisbane City Posted by Picasa

This blurry purple mess is what my photos look like since I dropped my camera on Christmas day :( Posted by Picasa
I borrowed a camera, so I have photos of Australia and Sydney, but until I get it fixed posting might be more difficult.

Update!! I have dropped off my camera to Konica Minolta at the Ochanomizu head office. Hopefully fixed in a couple of weeks.