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18 Hole Mini Golf Posted by Picasa
Busena Terraces have a sweet 18 hole mini golf course. We decieded to have a few rounds before lunch. Even the palm trees are mini here. Of course being Japan, my putter was 15 sizes too small and would be more suitable for 7 year old girl, nonetheless I persisted and developed a confident stroke!

Sweet Greens Posted by Picasa
The greens were pretty well maintained, with only a couple of divots impeding ball progress.
The course was deserted except for a couple of old, toothless gardening wenches having a smoke and chin-wag behind the golf clubhouse.

The 4th Hole Posted by Picasa

Resort Shuttle bus/tram Posted by Picasa

View Posted by Picasa
This view from the hotel shows the potential gorgeousness of the beach. Unfortunately it was cloudy the whole time during our stay and I absorbed no sunlight. The trip was very relaxing though.

Pool Posted by Picasa

Pool Posted by Picasa

CLOSED! Posted by Picasa
Both the beach and pool were closed. I don't know why, can anyone read the Japanese?

Shallow Blue Water Posted by Picasa

Water Posted by Picasa

Beach Posted by Picasa

Purple Bougainvillea Posted by Picasa
Okinawa, having a tropical climate, is home to many species of flowers. Many of the flowers grow wild and are similar to those found in Queensland.

The following are a selection I snapped around the Nago area in northern Okinawa.

Red Flowers Posted by Picasa

Bougainvillea Posted by Picasa

Suspicious Flowers - Angels Trumpet? Posted by Picasa
This plant looks very much like Datura inoxia, a highly hallucinogenic, but toxic plant.
Datura info

Pink Hibiscus Posted by Picasa

Hibiscus Posted by Picasa

Cyclist Posted by Picasa

Pedestrian Posted by Picasa

Kadena Air Force Base - Entry Posted by Picasa
This is one of the many U.S. military bases on Okinawa. I was told there are over 16 000 military on Okinawa and many bases. You can see army uniforms and Americans driving everywhere.

Prison-like US Army office Posted by Picasa

Clouds and Powerlines Posted by Picasa

Military Police Posted by Picasa

Bikkuri Donkey Family Restaurant Posted by Picasa

This is Bikkuri Donkey, My favorite chain family restaurant in Japan.
They sell awesome hamburgs (rissoles) and a variety of other western and Japanese food. Unfortunately the closest one to me is in Minami Tachikawa or Kodaira, both a pain in the ass to get to without a car.

So we made the trek to Tachikawa BD on a cold night. It was worth it.

Bikkuri  Posted by Picasa

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